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Your car can overheat for a number of reasons: it’s low on water, the weather is hot, there’s a lot of friction between its components, among others. Nonetheless, whatever the reason may be, having your car overheat can be a very stressful situation because your car can shut down from it. For this reason, this post will share with you a few tips on what to do if your car overheats while you’re on the road.

What to Do if Your Car Overheats

1. Keep a big jug of water in your car to be ready for such occasions. This way, you’ll be able to help your car cool down if you see that it's struggling. 2. If you notice that your car is starting to overheat, turn off your air conditioner, as this can cause it to work extra hard and overheat further. Likewise, open your windows to help moderate its temperature. 3.If the tip above isn't helping, you will need to turn on your heater to its highest intensity. We know that this could be torture during the summer, but it will allow the heat to escape from the engine. 4. If you're stuck in traffic, you can put your car in "Park" or in "Neutral" to make it work a bit less. Likewise, try to stay at a slow and consistent speed, and to not to hit your brakes too often, as this could worsen the situation. 5. If your vehicle is having a very hard time, try to pull over and stop. Let it cool down and even open its hood to let air reach the engine. After about thirty minutes, pour the jug of water into the coolant reservoir (in case it's empty). 6. Once you get your car to cool down, and are able to move it again, take it to a professional as soon as possible. They'll be able to evaluate what exactly is making it overheat, and how it can be fixed.

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Feeding your car the right kind of oil is one of the preventive measures you can take to keep it from overheating. AMSOIL’s high-quality products will maintain your vehicle well-lubricated and performing at its best. Call the number above to contact Bill Rigdon if you’d like more information on how AMSOIL’s synthetic oil in Portland can help you save time and money.

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