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AMSOIL Synthetic Oil Change Products in Portland, OR

Changing your oil is not somethign that you should be frightened about, make sure to choose AMSOIL synthetic oil and the rest will be a snap. Here is a quick guide on how to change your oil and why synthetic oil is the better choice for your engine. 

DIY Oil Change

For those who want to enter the world of mechanics it is best to start with the basics. Begin with a DIY engine oil change.

Getting Started

The first and most important thing you must do is buy the right oil. It is important to check the vehicle manual to buy the most suitable oil and oil filter. You will need tools such as the oil filter wrench or ratchet and a cylinder container to drain the used oil.  Run through this list before beginning.

Tools Required

Wrench to remove drain plugOil filter wrenchOil drain panFunnelLatex glovesJack and jack stands or ramps

Materials Required

OilOil filterReplacement drain plug washer (depending on application)

Time for an oil change in Portland, OR?

If the car is very low, lift and secure it with a jack. Put up the handbrake and remove the oil plug on top of the engine. Put the cylinder container under the drain plug and remove the plug.  Inspect and clean the oil drain plug while the oil is draining. This is where the new drain plug washer goes if needed.  Let the oil seep out. Once all the oil has drained, re-tighten the drain plug. The drain plug is properly tightened if you use the box end of a combination wrench and tighten it as much as you can without using extra leverage.

Changing the Oil Filter

Remove the filter. Hold the filter over the pan to drain well. Smear new oil on the new filter's O-ring. Install the new filter and tighten.


Make sure the oil drain bolt and filter are both in place. Now add the new oil. Don't exceed the recommended amount. Replace the oil cap and start your engine. Get the car back onto flat ground and check the oil level.

Disposing of  your old synthetic oil 

For old and unused oil, take extra care to dispose of these items properly. Look online in your community where to recycle these products as they are harmful to the environment and water supply.

Synthetic Oil in Portland

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So now you know how to change your oil but aren't quite sure about what type of oil to use? Choosing synthetic oil over a conventional oil will give your engine many benefits. 

Synthetic Oils vs. Conventional Oils

Trying to choose the best oil for your vehicle can be an intimidating process because of all the options available. Doing some research on what your vehicle needs can make it easier. It is also imperative that you understand the differences between synthetic oils and conventional oils in order to choose best option for your vehicle. We here at Bill Rigdon AMSOIL Dealer can help you understand some of the differences between these two types of oils.

How they’re made

Synthetic oils and conventional oils both come from the same source, it’s the processes they undergo after that makes them different. Both oils are refined and distilled, but synthetic oils go through extra processes that clean them more than conventional oils. As a result, they contain less contaminants and include extra additives in their formula that help protect your engine. For example, synthetic oils contain additives that help lubricate your engine. As a result, these additives can help give your engine a longer life.

Performance in extreme weather

Extreme weather conditions can affect the flow of your motor oil. These changes can also affect how your engine performs. Conventional oils get thicker in freezing temperatures. As they get thicker, they move more slowly through your engine. This leaves parts of your engine exposed and causes wear. At the other end of the weather spectrum, extreme heat causes conventional oils to lose their viscosity. This causes more deposits in your engine and unnecessary wear. Conventional oil also evaporates faster and causes quicker consumption of oil. Synthetic oils don’t change form with the weather. They don’t evaporate at the same rate as conventional oils and flow more efficiently during cold winter months. Their additives and viscosity aren’t lost, which allows them to better protect your vehicle. These properties cause less wear and protect your engine better.

Economic breakdown

Synthetic oils can be more pricey than conventional oils, but they can be the better economic choice over time. Synthetic oils require changes less often than conventional oils. This can save you money, but can also be great for the environment. Since synthetic oils leave behind less deposits, your engine will be better protected and may have a longer life. Synthetic oils can also improve your vehicle’s fuel economy and save you money at the pump.

Premium AMSOIL synthetic oil change products in Portland, OR

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