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 The Importance of Oil Checks and  Synthetic Oil Changes

In order to make sure that your engine remains working well and in the best conditions, it is important to perform routine oil checks and synthetic oil changes, among other tasks. That is why today we want to focus on discussing the importance of using synthetic oil and performing routine oil checks to avoid engine malfunction due to lack of lubrication

Synthetic Oil Gives You the Peace of Mind You Deserve

Motor oil plays a very critical role in the performance of your engine. The main function of motor oil is lubrication. The oil in your engine is there to coat and cover the engine parts that are moving so that they do not scrape and wear out as they move past one another. The better the quality of the motor oil, the higher the coverage and protection against friction and other potentially damaging factors. Conventional motor oils offer lubrication but the level of protection is not always stable. The heat, extreme cold, and other conditions can affect how well conventional oil is able to lubricate. That is why it is always best to use a trust-worthy synthetic oil such as AMSOIL. AMSOIL full synthetic oil in Clackamas offers the most outstanding level of protection and total lubrication even under difficult conditions. Call Bill Rigdon, authorized AMSOIL dealer in Clackamas, at (503) 329-9004, or go to the AMSOIL online store today, if you require help choosing only the best products for the maintenance of your engine.

Why are Oil Checks and Changes Important?

Checking the oil of your engine is one of the best ways to prevent your engine from suffering destructive damages caused by a lack of proper lubrication. Oil checks are best done every three to four weeks in older vehicles, and every five to six weeks in newer, higher-technology engines. Both the level and quality of the oil should be observed when checking the oil. If there is not enough motor oil inside the engine, there will be a lack of friction protection and the engine will suffer from immediate wear. When the oil is in bad conditions, something that tends to happen when it has gone too long without an oil change, it can affect the engine instead of protecting it.

Check the Oil Level and Act Accordingly

To check the level of the oil, you must first locate the dipstick in your engine and then pull it out. Using a cloth, wipe out the end of the dipstick and place it back inside. This second time, as you pull out the dipstick, take note of where the oil mark is. There should be two lines or some sort of indicator that marks the minimum and maximum level of oil. The oil should leave a streak above the minimum indicator and just below the maximum. If the oil marking is between the min. and max mark, then it is best to add more oil. Never run your engine on low levels of oil; if the oil level is closer to the minimum, you must immediately add more oil. Do not run your engine until you add more oil but also, avoid overfilling it, keep the level just below the maximum.

Determine If the Oil in Your Engine Needs to Be Changed

Once you have checked the level of the oil, make sure you place the dipstick in again and this time, wiggle it around so that it picks up a bit more oil. Pull out the dipstick and transfer a bit of that oil into your fingers. Then, rub the oil between your fingers and notice if there are any dirt particles. If it leaves a smudge on your finger or you can feel the dirt particles as you rub it, it is likely that the oil is getting too dirty and wearing out. The color of the oil can also be an indicator of whether it needs to be changed. If the oil has lost most transparency and is too dark to see through it, it should be changed soon. If however, it is a brownish color but has not yet become very dark or cloudy then, it may still last a few miles before absolutely requiring a change.

Reduced Oil Change Frequency With Synthetic Oil Changes in Clackamas

Once you are ready to change the oil, make a wise investment on the right synthetic oil. When you use AMSOIL full synthetic oil in Clackamas, you can reduce the amount of oil changes that your vehicle requires. Its prolong endurance protects much longer than any conventional motor oil on the market. Call Bill Rigdon, authorized AMSOIL dealer in Clackamas, at (503) 329-9004 and start saving with the best synthetic oil in Clackamas.

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