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Does it feel like you are emptying your purse or wallet each time you fill up at the gas tank? This article has some easy to adapt tips to help improve your fuel economy. You know that if somebody is talking about low gas prices then they certainly aren’t talking about recent times. In fact, it’s likely they are talking about times that many children don’t even remember! Apart from the financial pain that comes with a high gas price, many motorists feel frustrated that they don’t know enough about their vehicle or how their engine works to effectively reduce their vehicle’s operating costs, lest they just leave the car at home all day long. With extensive experience providing motorists just like these and yourself with high synthetic oil products, Amsoil Dealer - Bill Rigdon knows that there is much a regular motorist can do to reduce their gas usage and has the following tips to offer below.

Under Pressure!

Your tires have to support a lot of weight, all the time. Over time, they can slowly begin to lose their pressure. While the lack of pressure may be unnoticeable to you, while you drive it is causing your engine to use more fuel. If your tires are lower than their recommended pressure then more of the tiers is touching the road then designed for. The more parts of the tire that touch the road, the most friction that occurs while you drive. This friction builds up, working against your engine, requiring it to work harder just to keep you moving forward. By simply adjusting the pressure in your tires to their correct and equal level you can easily reduce the level of friction which occurs as you drive. The less friction, the less energy that is needed from your engine which can translate to less gas usage.

What Condition Is Your Oil In?

Your engine is made up of a number of small and large metal parts that work together to keep your engine running. This operation requires them to slide up against and interact with each other at high speed and under high levels of pressure. As you can imagine, metal parts sliding against metal parts is not going to end well. The result of the interaction is friction, similar to the friction mentioned above. However, in addition to requiring more energy from your engine, it also causes engine damage, resulting in a further reduction in your car’s performance. To protect each of these parts from damage, your vehicle utilizes engine oil. This fluid provides a protective barrier around each of your engine part’s surfaces, encouraging each part to slide against each other without damage and without friction. This results in less energy required to operate and a reduction in gas usage. Click here to buy AMSOIL's Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil which has been created to keep engine's cleaner for longer while also helping to improve engine performance and lower gas usage. To learn more about this and the full range of AMSOIL products, give Bill Rigdon AMSOIL Dealer a call at (503) 329-9004 and speak with an expert.

Hey, Speed Racer!

Do you know what is going to happen if you put your foot flat to the floor as soon as the light goes green? You’re going to get stuck at the next red light while all of the other cars slowly coast up to the same light. While you may have enjoyed the faster ride, you also unnecessarily used more gas. Moving a heavy object like your car from a standing stop requires a lot of engine power. The faster you make your engine move from this stop, the more power it needs, resulting in more gas usage.

Speaking of Red Lights

Have you noticed that you always get stuck at the same set of traffic lights or intersections every single day or every single week that you are running your tasks? Instead of just accepting that they will occur, plan around them. Whether this means visiting the dry cleaner on a different day or a different time of the day or even moving your children’s play dates can all work to reduce the amount of time that your car is spent idling and wasting gas.

Boost Your Fuel Economy With a Synthetic Oil Change in Oatfield

When it comes to basic engine maintenance that can not only improve your engine performance but help lower your gas usage, a synthetic oil change in Oatfield is one of the quickest methods. Speak with an expert at Bill Rigdon AMSOIL Dealer today by calling (503) 329-9004 or check out the online store for the full range of high-quality AMSOIL products.  

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