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Just because summer is a thing of the past it doesn’t mean that your boat needs to stay in the shed. If you are taking your boat out this fall, be sure you are all safe.

It doesn’t matter if your boat is only big enough to take you and a couple of friends out for a day fishing, or you can fit your entire family on board for a weekend away at a campsite known only to a few, it’s important that everybody on your vessel is enjoying their time safely.

Tips to Help You and Your Passengers Stay Safe on the Water

Below is an article from Bill Rigdon AMSOIL Dealer with tips and advice on how you and your friends, family, and passengers can stay safe while you are all out on the water.

The Weather Forecast Guides Your Plans

Are you planning an anniversary celebration out on the water? How about a day out fishing for your birthday? Maybe it’s a weekend of camping at a destination you can only reach by water? Whatever the trip you are planning, if the weather report shows bad weather or poor water conditions then it’s time to replan. Many people take their boats to the water the morning of their event and, if the water looks like it’s fine, ignore the weather report and head out. The problem with this mentality is that the weather and water conditions can change at a moments notice, potentially leaving you and your passengers stuck in a precarious and often dangerous situation. While you may not like the idea, if the weather report says that it isn’t a good idea to head out, then it isn’t a good idea to head out.

Who Is in Charge?

In the event that an incident happens when you’re on the water, whether it’s a big or even just a small emergency, the last response that you want is for a group of your passengers to be listening to one person while another group listens to somebody else. Unfortunately, this can just make small matters much bigger than they need to be. Either before you all board or even as you are on your way to your destination, decide on a person who will be in charge should an emergency occur. When deciding, remember that it doesn’t need to be the vessel owner or even the driver, it just needs to be one single person who knows how to respond in a range of emergency situations while out on the water. With this person decided, should something happen, emergency recovery can occur smoother and more effectively.

Speaking of Emergencies While out on Water

There are common situations which can likely occur while you are out on the water, such as somebody falling overboard. As you are making your way out, speak about situations like this and how to handle them. For example, if somebody falls overboard when the water conditions become choppy, you don’t want two people jumping into the dangerous water to attempt a rescue while two others throw in floatation devices which become tangled. Instead, briefly talk about what first steps needs to be taken. This can often lead to situations such a man-overboard being resolved quickly and without harm. Click here to buy AMSOIL 10W-30 Synthetic Marine Engine Oil to keep your boat’s engine running smooth. After all, a safe boat is a well-maintained boat. To find out more about how you can keep your boat’s engine in good shape, speak with Bill Rigdon AMSOIL Dealer at (503) 329-9004. Alternatively, check out the online store for a range of products both for both your boat and the vehicle you use to tow it to the water.

A Life Jacket for Every Person

There is no item which is more important to the safety of your passengers than a life jacket. If an emergency occurs and your passengers need to get into the water, it’s this very device which is going to keep them afloat until help arrives. When you are allocating life jackets, it’s important to remember that adult and children’s life jackets aren’t interchangeable. That is, an adult can’t wear a child’s jacket and the other way around.

Don’t Let Alcohol Blur Your Vision

Just because you don’t have other cars and motorists to worry about on the water, you still need to make sure that you can drive and operate the boat safely and act responsibly in the event that something goes wrong. Whether it’s limiting your intake or balancing it with water-based drinks, just be sure you’re in the right headspace to drive responsibly.

Give Your Boat a Synthetic Oil Change in Portland, OR

No matter how big or small your boat, its engine can benefit from a synthetic oil change in Portland, OR. To find out more about the benefits of a synthetic oil change or for help finding the right products for your needs, speak with somebody who knows all about the topic. Speak with Bill Rigdon AMSOIL Dealer at (503) 329-9004 and get expert advice, not just on the right oil for your boat’s engine but also the car you use to tow it to the water.

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