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For some drivers seeking a four-wheeled adventure off-road, the choice is easy, and it’s often a 4WD. For other off-road adventurers looking for something with a little more torque and navigational ability, the choice is likely to be a dirt bike. However, for the outdoor and off-road adventure seeker who would like a mixture of the two, an ATV provides the perfect vehicle.

Basic Maintenance Tips to Keep Your ATV Performing at Its Best

And while drivers and riders of each respective vehicle may be well versed in their own vehicle maintenance, not all of the tricks they have learnt can be carried over. If you’re looking to learn more about some basic tips for maintaining your ATV, Amsoil Dealer - Bill Rigdon has put together some top tips to get you started.

Read Your Manual

Often the first item which is thrown away after the purchase of any new item, when it comes to a vehicle, in particular, a niche vehicle, the information it holds is vital to ensuring ongoing performance and maximum lifespan. Take the time to give it a read, learn about any break in requirements the engine has along with the type of oil and fuel it uses.

Keep It Clean

It's no surprise that you're likely to drive your ATV through dirt and mud, and who can blame you? With the torque and agility that come with an ATV, it's exactly what it was made for. The problems, however, can begin when you finish your drive and don't wash it thoroughly before storing it away. Dirt and debris can quickly build up on the paintwork and the engine itself, causing corrosion and a reduction in the lifespan of your body work and engine components.

Keep the Fluid Levels Sufficient

A few days before you anticipate each drive, take a couple of minutes to check the fluid levels, including any brake and general engine oil. If you notice the levels are lower than you would like, don't wait until the you get back from your adventure, take care of them before you leave. If you need a top up, speak with Amsoil Dealer - Bill Rigdon on (503) 329-9004 in advance and get the best AMSOIL synthetic oil product for your ride. With extensive experience helping drivers just like yourself keep their engines performing at their best for longer, experts at Amsoil Dealer - Bill Rigdon are the best people to help you get the most out of your ride and keep it protected as you drive.

Air Filter

Speaking of keeping it clean, along with the dirt that can build up and collect on your ATV itself, it's likely a large portion of it made its way into your air intake where it was stopped by your air filter. While it's true that this is the sole purpose of your filter, it can't clean itself. After each rough ride, take a few extra minute to unclog your air intake and remove as much as you can from your air filter. The more clean air that is allowed inside your engine, the better it can perform.

Nuts and Bolts

All of your nuts and bolts can appear fine until you start to drive and realize they couldn't have done with some tightening. It only takes a few extra seconds, so pay any visible nuts and bolts some attention. In addition, it never hurts to take note of the size and keep a few spare on hand while you're riding.

Check Your Battery

Just because your ATV isn't likely to be equipped with a lot of electronic systems doesn't mean that it doesn't have a battery, and it certainly doesn't mean that it can start without one. Often hidden away, batteries can be left to corrode until it's too late, and you're left stranded in the middle of a mud puddle with an engine that won't start and no way out.

Get the Right Product to Give Your ATV a Synthetic Oil Change in Oatfield

Don't leave it to chance and spend a few extra minutes after each drive to follow these tips. While they may seem basic in nature, they can be the difference between an ATV that performs at its best for longer, and one that doesn't. Of course, if you're looking to minimize your engine damage as you drive, the best way is with the use of a high-quality synthetic oil. Speak with Amsoil Dealer - Bill Rigdon on (503) 329-9004 and get the right oil for your vehicle. Let us know the make and model of your new ride and we'll take care of the rest.

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