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There is no doubt that summer is the best time to get your family or friends in the car and take a road trip. But without a bit of planning, things could go seriously wrong. Like all things, the best way to avoid disaster is with a bit of planning and some key tips to follow, lest you end up...

If there is one thing which you know about your engine, it’s that it can overheat. It’s a lesson we all learned the hard way as we stood stranded on the side of the road. The challenge faced by the majority of motorists is that they believe if they don’t know anything about how their engine...

When it comes time for a great off-road adventure, it can be easy enough to think that you can just pack your truck with whatever gear you need, however you want, and be done with it! After all, that’s what the professionals do, right? Wrong. When the time comes to prepare for an off-road...

When it comes time to ask your friends and family members for their tips and tricks for car maintenance, everybody seems to be an expert! Whether it’s your parents telling you everything they learned when they were growing up, your friends telling you all of the tricks they use to get the most...
This article has some great information to help you learn about how a dirt bike engine works and how a synthetic oil change in Clackamas, OR can keep you off-road for longer.

When the time came to own your first car, your parents likely gave you a number of basic engine maintenance tips to use...
New to riding a motorcycle? Been riding a bike for a while and need some new safety gear? This article has great information to help you find the right safety gear to wear while riding.

Have you ever seen a motorcyclist riding their bike while wearing nothing more than a pair of jeans and a...
Once you have been driving for a year or two it feels like you have been driving all of your life. And while you may be a great driver, this mentality often leads to dangerous distractions.

Whether it’s on the side of a bus-stop or you see a television commercial while you are watching the...

When it comes to driving in bad weather there are some small adjustments which can you make to help you stay safer on the road. This article has some information to help you do just that. The weather can often become so bad that many motorists simply refuse to drive in it. And while this can...
Just because you aren't a mechanic doesn't mean that you can't identify problems with your car before they grow larger. Below are some identifiers of issues with your transmission.

Easy Ways to Identify Small Problems Before They Grow

It’s one thing to ignore your engine oil light for a few...
Just like you need a little help getting out of bed during cold mornings, so too does your car need a helping hand. This article has information to help your engine get out of bed As the morning temperatures start to get lower and lower, it becomes harder and harder to get motivated to leave the...

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