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New to riding a motorcycle? Been riding a bike for a while and need some new safety gear? This article has great information to help you find the right safety gear to wear while riding.

Have you ever seen a motorcyclist riding their bike while wearing nothing more than a pair of jeans and a t-shirt? They must have looked pretty cool! Like they just stepped out of a 1950’s Hollywood Blockbuster! Of course, the main difference between a rider on an actual road and an actor in a studio is that the actor in the studio doesn’t have to worry about injuring themselves in an accident!

Tips on How to Stay Safe, Not Fashionable, on a Motorcycle

Unfortunately, this is definitely something which is on the mind of every rider as they start their bike. Or at least, it should be! Instead of taking your lead from the ‘cool’ cyclist you see on the road, be sure that you are wearing the right safety gear to protect your body in a worst-case scenario. Bill Rigdon has some information below on what to wear while you ride.

Start with Your Boots

There is no doubt that riding your bike while wearing sneakers is a comfortable affair. There are even riders who wear flip-flops! Imagine how comfortable that must be! Of course, comfort isn’t going to protect you if you come off your bike. Instead, stick with motorcycle boots with some of the following qualities:
  • When you pick them up, give them a good twist. The more they move, the more your feet will move if you come off your bike.
  • Make sure they fit comfortably and allow you to safely change gears and access any other controls.
  • Make sure they can hold up to weather conditions, such as heavy rainfall and that you won’t slip while wearing them.
  • Be sure they are tight enough to fit comfortably but not so tight that you don’t want to wear them.

Time for Your Pants

Jeans are an obvious choice. Hold up, wait, what?! Obvious - not a good choice! Be sure to leave your trusty denim in the closet and grab a pair of motorcycle pants with some of the following:
  • Made from a high-quality material such as leather
  • Are made with high-quality stitching to ensure they stay together when placed under stress
  • Allow you to ride comfortably and safely
  • Include storage for your personal items while you ride
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Move up to Your Jacket

If you can remember just how cool Elvis looked while he was riding a motorbike in all of the Hollywood movies, then it’s also important to add to this memory that he wasn’t actually riding the motorcycle! That’s right - instead of having the worry of falling off the bike and needing protection, good old Elvis wasn’t moving at all, safely sitting in one place while his hair removed to move! With this in mind, here’s what to look for in a motorcycle jacket:
  • It’s a motorcycle jacket! Not a sports jacket. Not a hunting jacket. Not a jacket you wear when you complete DIY work. A jacket which was designed for a motorcyclist to be used while riding a motorcycle.
  • You can comfortably reach all of your controls
  • It will stand up to harsh weather and won’t allow water to leak in as you ride
  • Has sufficient storage space for your personal items while you ride
  • Includes reinforcement in the arms and along the spine

Time to Protect Your Head!

As great as the above protections are, there isn’t any point in protecting your body if you don’t also protect your head! When you are looking for a motorcycle helmet (that’s right, you need to wear one at all times!), be sure to consider the following aspects:
  • It fits. Not too loose so that it comes off in an accident and not so tight that you hesitate to use it.
  • You can see safely through the visor
  • It has technology or ventilation to keep your head cool while you ride
  • If you use a Bluetooth most head, be sure that it can accommodate it or even have the technology included.

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As great as the above protections are there is no substitute for common sense and safe riding. Each time that you get on your bike, make sure you are wearing the right gear and are ready to ride safely and calmly. When it comes time for engine maintenance, always be sure you only use the best products to extend the lifespan of your engine and improve its performance. Check out the online store or speak with an expert at Bill Rigdon AMSOIL Dealer by calling (503) 329-9004 to learn more about how a synthetic oil change in Clackamas, OR can work for you.

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