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Oil checks, synthetic oil changes, keeping the cooling system running, changing the air filter, and other similar tasks are all part of the engine maintenance that your vehicle requires. It may seem overwhelming, but learning about the basic areas that need your attention is not difficult and can render incredibly beneficial results. That is why today at Bill Rigdon AMSOIL Dealer in Clackamas, we want to provide some insightful information that can help make engine maintenance a simple and less overwhelming task.

The Importance of Engine Maintenance and Synthetic Oil Changes in Clackamas

Engines are designed to withstand a hefty workload, they carry out a substantial amount of work and are made to last. However, several factors can get in the way of the performance or durability of your engine, and most of these factors can be prevented through adequate maintenance. Although there are several areas that need attention, engine maintenance is normally not extensively time-consuming. Many of the areas that need care only need attention every few months and not on a frequent basis. Also, the more constant you are with check-ups and preventive care, the less time and effort you will spend in more extensive and costly repairs that can truly be a hassle.

Remember to Check the Oil

The number one thing on your engine maintenance checklist should be oil checks. Since friction is a constant factor within the engine, it is important that it always stays protected against the wear and damage that friction can cause. Oil checks tell you when the oil levels are dropping so that you can add more as needed. They also allow you to detect the condition of the oil so that you can determine whether the oil needs to be changed soon or not.

Get a Synthetic Oil Change in Clackamas

Oil changes are of great importance because the engine cannot last without proper lubrication. How often you change the oil will depend on the type of motor oil that you use. With regular petroleum based motor oil, your engine will require much more frequent oil changes. This is because the petroleum-based molecules that make up conventional motor oil are more prone to breakdown under certain conditions, and because of their volatile nature they loose important lubrication properties sooner. Full synthetic oil does not need to be changed as often, its resilience provides a variety of benefits that do not easily deteriorate. The frequency of synthetic oil changes also depends on the specifications of your engine and many can benefit from longer-term synthetic oils.

Reduce the Oil Change Frequency With Synthetic Oil

The frequency of synthetic oil changes also depends on the specifications of your engine and many can benefit from longer-term synthetic oils. AMSOIL carries a variety of synthetic oils designed for all types of engines and different manufacturer´s recommendations. From its standard synthetic oil to AMSOIL's Signature Series which can go up to about 25,000 miles between oil changes. Select the best motor oil for your vehicle in our AMSOIL online store or contact us here for assistance.

Make Sure the Cooling System Is Working Well

The engine can work intensely without burning up thanks to the cooling system. The cooling system includes the water pump, radiator, coolant, and thermostat. These parts work together to ensures that the engine does not overheat. If there is a problem in any of those areas, the engine will not be able to cool down effectively and it can result in a terrible situation. Checking that there is enough radiator fluid (coolant) and that all parts of the cooling system are working properly, should be done around once a month and even more often if you use your car extensively. For information on what to do if your vehicle overheats read our post, here.

Let Your Engine Breath by Keeping the Air Filter Clean

The air filter is another important part of the engine that requires attention every so often. Normally, air filters last a good while before needing to be changed but it is best to check on them during every oil change. Clean out the oil filter and change it as needed to ensure that your engine stays breathing and free of unwanted gunk.

The Best Engine Maintenance With Synthetic Oil Changes in Clackamas

Overall, most fluids should be checked around once a month, and the filters such as the oil filter, fuel filter, and air filter should be looked at least during every oil change to determine whether they need to be cleaned or replaced. Synthetic oil changes can reduce the need for constant changes and facilitate all engine maintenance. To purchase the highest quality products for your all your engine maintenance needs, call Bill Rigdonauthorized AMSOIL Dealer in Clackamas at (503) 329-9004.    

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