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There are many types of motorcycles available for you, and finding “the one” ultimately depends on your preferences and skills. With so many specialized bikes out there, making a decision can be tough. It’s not about looking for the best motorcycle on the market, but about getting the best motorcycle for your riding needs. An amateur biker’s needs aren’t the same as the ones of an experienced rider’s. Here is a little information about different bike styles to help you decide which one is the one for you.


Standard bikes are the most basic ones that allow the rider a little bit of everything. They are good for novice rider because their ergonomics make them feel more in control and comfortable. They are also cheaper to fix when they accidentally tip over.


This type of motorcycle is made for relaxed rides. They are great for novice riders as their engines are tuned for lowM power. Their low seat makes it easier to get your feet down when you come to a stop.

Sport Bike

These bikes are made for speed. They are lightweight and easy to control, so this could be beneficial for new riders. On the other hand, their high power and strong brakes require more of an expert rider touch, since newer riders might find it hard to handle them safely.

Dual Sport

Dual Sport bikes are designed to be used on and off-road. They can take you from relaxing rides to serious biking from one day to the next. They are considerably lightweight and versatile. Their high seats can take some time to adjust, though.


Tourers are made for the open road. They are comfortable and have better weather protection for the rider. You can also carry more luggage than you would on almost any other bike. They are more expensive and heavier than any other average motorcycle would be.


Scooters are made for the city. They are more affordable than other motorcylces and have more storage, too. Since they have no clutch or gears to shift, learning to ride them is ever so easy.

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