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Summer means the heat is coming, and while you can cool down by a pool or drinking something cold, your car can’t do that with you. You have to help your car keep cool with the hot weather. An overheated car can leave you stranded where you don’t want to be. Follow this tips that AMSOIL Dealer: Bill Rigdon in Clackamas has for you.


The fluids in your car should be changed with frequency. Luckily, it is something you can do by yourself. Pay special attention to the coolant and getting a synthetic oil change in Clackamas to keep your engine fresh. Be careful with all those hot car parts, never work with them when the engine is still hot. If you are not sure where everything is, check the owner’s manual.


The rising temperature makes the air in the tires expand. When you are checking the pressure do so when the tires are at a normal temperature. Again, consult the owner’s manual or the label in the door to be sure what is appropriate air pressure for your tire. Never forget the spare!


Summer sometimes means long distance road trips, and saving fuel is a priority at these moments. Take your car for maintenance. Oil and filters should be changed with a certain frequency, and they affect your fuel economy. Get a synthetic oil change and you will soon see the benefits. Since your car won’t have to work as hard with fresh oil and filters, it won’t be burning off as much gas.

The Looks

The engine isn’t the only part of your car that needs to cool down. Protect your exteriors and interiors by parking in a garage or under the shade whenever possible. Wax your vehicle to prevent UV damage and use a sunshade in the windshield to reduce interior heat and fading.

For a Synthetic Oil Change in Clackamas

Don’t get stranded in the heat, follow all the precautions, like getting an AMSOIL synthetic oil change in Clackamas to keep your car cool and functioning this summer. The benefits of changing to synthetic oil are endless! Call AMSOIL Dealer: Bill Rigdon in Clackamas at: (503) 329-9004 or visit the online store to start using the best synthetic oil which is AMSOIL.

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