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A vehicle's transmission is what converts power made from the engine to movement in the  wheels. Transmissions allow a car to move forward from a standstill or in reverse. Having different gears allow the car to move at various speeds and allows the car engine to continue to run while the vehicle is stopped. Automatic transmissions use hydraulic coupling to shift between gears unlike manual transmissions which rely on the driver to shift between gears. Hydraulic coupling is what is between between the engine and the gears. Since the transmission relies on this hydraulic coupling for shifting, the fluid is very complex. The fluid also has to act as a cooling agent for the torque converter assembly and lubricate the gears in the transmission. 

Automatic transmission fluid (ATF) is perhaps the most complex lubrant in existence. Some of the passageways and tolerance valves are extremely narrow so if the fluid viscosity is not exactly right the transmission cannot function properly. Also, ATF works under high operating temperatures in harsh conditions. It is easy for low quality ATF to degrade and oxidise. ATF works under special frictional requirements as well because of the torque converter. Automatic transmissions are vulnerable to shudder because of this which causes drivability issues. 

The good news is, AMSOIL offers a high quality automatic transmission fluid that has several unique features. Some of the benefits you get from using AMSOIL automatic transmission fluid are that the transmission will run cooler and therefore resist stress and wear. AMSOIL products are also designed to be thermal and oxidative stable so they will not degrade like other transmission fluid. AMSOIL synthetic automatic transmission fluid also has a consistent viscosity and superior friction characteristics to keep your automatic transmission running smoothly. 

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