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If you have never ridden your motorcycle with a passenger before, this post by Bill Rigdon AMSOIL Dealer will give you some tips to get you started on the right track.

We understand that riding your motorcycle can mean freedom and independence. It can become a passion, and what better way to enjoy your passion than by sharing it with someone! If you have never ridden with a passenger before, don’t be afraid, Bill Rigdon AMSOIL Dealer has some tips for you in this article.


It can be tempting to want to ride with a passenger from the beginning, but you should have at least a year of experience after taking a proper rider-training course before doing so. To ensure everybody’s safety, you need to make sure you develop enough skills and are comfortable riding your motorcycle before adding another person to the mix. If you have recently bought a new motorcycle, take your time to get used to your new vehicle. Wait at least three months before inviting some to ride with you.

How to Get On and Off The Motorcycle

Let your passenger know you have to be ready before they get on the motorcycle. After that, give them the signal to get on. Make sure both of your feet are firmly planted on the ground, and the motorcycle is vertical. Make sure the motorcycle is steady, tell you companion to get one leg over the non-muffler side of the bike. Have them put their foot on the peg, sit, and then put their whole weight and body on the motorcycle.

Go for Test Drives

Test drives are the best way to ensure success in your adventure. By practicing in a controlled environment, you can adjust to driving with a passenger, and your passenger can get familiar with the technique and correct way of behaving. By going for test drives, you will be able to identify any worries that may come along the way, and both of you will be able to gain confidence and feel comfortable riding together.

Going for test drives is a great way to notice if there are any aspects of your motorcycle you should give maintenance to. Use the best products and motorcycle oil that the experts at Bill Rigdon AMSOIL Dealer in Portland have for you. Get in contact with them today to learn about the benefits of a synthetic oil change and more by calling (503) 329-9004.

Communication is Key

Let your passenger know about the proper technique and behavior one should have when riding a motorcycle. Teach them the importance of holding on to you tightly and mirroring your movement, especially when turning and approaching curves. Give them the space to tell you about their worries or questions they might have.

Determine All the Details of Your Trip

Get together and plan out your trip. Determine the route you want to take and the rest stop you will make. It will allow you to have space to talk about how you are feeling and what changes or adjustments you feel need to be made to continue your trip. It’s important that both of you are aware of every detail of the trip to prevent ending up in an uncomfortable situation.

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Trust Each Other

Trust is an essential part of riding with a passenger. Make sure you and your passengers know each other and get familiar with your ways of being. Let your passenger know you are confident and trust in your abilities. Ask your passenger to let you know and show you they understood and learned about all the essential techniques and preventive measures you both should take to have a safe ride.


Both you and your passenger should wear the proper gear at all times. It is also essential that the passenger has gear that properly fits them, as having loose clothing can be dangerous in the event of an accident. Inform your passenger about the gear they will need:
  • Motorcycle Helmet
  • Gloves that cover your entire hand
  • Over-The-Ankle Footwear
  • Motorcycle Long pants
  • Motorcycle Jacket

Ensure You Have a Safe Trip By Giving Your Engine the Best Maintenance

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