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It can be easy to think that dirt bike riding is all about what you see on adventure sports on TV, however, it can be a great family activity.

If you and your family enjoy getting outdoors and doing activities and sports together then you are likely always looking for your next family adventure. Camping, road trips, and even exploring new cities are great activities, however, they don’t involve a lot of action or adrenalin.

Why You Might Enjoy Dirt Bike Riding

Bill Rigdon has prepared the following post on the topic of dirt-bike riding, and how it may very well be the next adventure or sport you are looking for that your family will enjoy.

A Great Social Activity

The best part of dirt bike riding is the social aspect. While the extreme sport you see on TV may just be a few people riding around a track, in reality, a dedicated dirt bike track is a great place for families to gather and have fun. In addition to the racing, dirt bike tracks also provide shared cooking facilities, shaded spaces, designated picnic areas, and often their own food and drink options. This provides a great atmosphere for families to get to know each other and for parents and children alike to make new friends. Of course, this is all done alongside classes to help everybody learn to ride, young or old and no matter the riding level.

A Healthy Activity

It’s not only important for children to participate in some exercise, but it’s also something which everybody in the family can benefit from. While on the surface it may not seem very active, unlike sitting on a road bike and letting the bike do all the work, when riding a dirt-bike, it’s the rider who does most of the work. As an example, riding a dirt bike means that you will spend most of your time standing on the pegs maintaining your balance as you maneuver the bike underneath you, which means an engaged core. Your legs get a workout from moving your body up and down and you navigate rough terrain, and your shoulders and arms do their part by keeping you on track and preventing problems when you land. Click here to buy 10W-40 Synthetic Dirt Bike Oil and keep not only your dirt bike but also the car you use to move it, in good shape with a quick and simple synthetic oil change. To find out more about the benefits of a synthetic oil change or to place an order, speak with a friendly expert at Bill Rigdon at (503) 329-9004 or check out the online store.

Feeling Stressed?

With parents balancing their work life with their family life, it’s only natural that they begin to feel stressed. This is a feeling which can emanate through the house. Believe it or not, dirt bike riding can actually work as a stress-reliever. When you are riding, the full focus of your mind and your body is required in order to prevent you from landing in a puddle of mud. This focus can be a great way to force your brain to stop thinking about the day’s problems and instead keep you from ruining another set of clothes.

An Excellent Lesson About Responsibility

It’s important that children learn about responsibility, which is often a lesson taught with chores. However, it’s fair to say that children don’t think positively about household chores which works against the lesson you're trying to teach them. Dirt bike riding presents an opportunity to use your children’s interest in the activity to teach them a lesson in responsibility. After each ride, it’s important to bring the bike home and complete basic maintenance, such as:
  • Checking the body and exposed engine for debris
  • Performing a synthetic oil change
  • Replacing or cleaning the air filter
  • A full wash and dry of the bike
  • Storing the bike in a safe place, away from the elements
These items are basic enough that you can include your children, helping to teach them the power of respecting and taking care of a vehicle.

A Synthetic Oil Change in Portland, OR Can Improve the Performance of a Range of Engines in Your Garage

As you’ve read, dirt bike riding is more than just professional riders going around a course and can be a great way to get active with your family and make some new friends. If you and your family take it up, be sure to take care of your bike and only use the best products during maintenance. Speak with Bill Rigdon at (503) 329-9004 for help finding the right product for your engine or to place an order.

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