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There are a number of signs that every diesel truck driver can identify which can help them fix a small problem with their brakes before it becomes larger and expensive. This article can help! When your diesel truck is with the mechanic and they are inspecting, they have the ability to identify all types of problems which may be occurring. However, once you take your truck away from the mechanic, staying alert to potential vehicle problems is a drivers responsibility. However, with much of the general learnings surrounding diesel vehicle maintenance focusing on engine maintenance, many drivers simply don’t know much more than to watch for steam coming out of the hood and to keep the engine fluid topped up.

Common Signs Your Brakes Are Calling for Your Attention

Bill Rigdon AMSOIL Dealer knows that keeping your truck in good shape means more than basic engine maintenance, in particular, keeping your brakes in good condition, and has the following common indicators to listen out for as you drive.

Is That….Is That Sound Coming From MY truck?

You have heard the sound coming from other trucks before as you see them slowly pulling up to the red light, their wheels screeching. However, now it’s happening to you and you aren’t sure what is happening. As bad as the noise is, the chances are that the squealing noise you are hearing is actually your brake’s way of telling you that they need changing. Inside your brake pads sits a small metal pin which comes into contact with your wheels as the brake pad material wears down. As it gets closer to the need to replace your brake pads, this pin does its job and makes a high pitched noise to alert you!

Um...What Happened to the Brakes?

While pushing their feet through the floor of the truck and grinding to a stop may have worked for The Flintstones, it isn’t the best way for a modern truck to come to a complete stop. In fact, it isn’t even the best way for a modern truck to slow down! So if it feels like you need prehistoric animals to help you stop, it’s time for a pterodactyl to fly you to your mechanic. Or maybe you could just safely drive. As humorous as they were, their feet would have surely been sore! To give your brakes the support they need, click here to buy AMSOIL DOT 3 and DOT 4 Synthetic Brake Fluid. To learn more about how this product can help your brake system or find out which other high-quality fluids are available for your engine, speak with Bill Rigdon AMSOIL Dealer today by calling (503) 329-9004.

Is Somebody Tap Dancing Under My truck?

A sound which you may not have heard other vehicles making is a clicking sound. Particularly, a clicking sound which is coming from your wheels.  If you can hear this noise, we’re afraid there aren’t tap dancers under your truck, it’s more likely that your brake pads have become dislodged. Your brake pads sit inside a secure fitting attached to the rest of your brake system. If one of these pads dislodges from this fitting then it can cause the brake pads to move around, leading to the clicking of metal against metal which you can hear.

Where Are You Going?

The first time that it happened you thought nothing of it. The second time you attributed it to problems with the road. Now that it’s the third time that your truck has pulled to one side as you came to a stop you are thinking it might be a problem with your truck. And you would be right. The likely causes are a frozen caliper or a brake pad which has worn evenly, causing your brakes to be applied disproportionately. However, it could also be the sign of something more dangerous. For this reason, it’s important that you get your truck to a mechanic as soon as possible for the inspection.

Every Engine Can Benefit From a Synthetic Oil Change in Clackamas County

When it comes to vehicle safety, your brakes truly are your first defense against a dangerous situation. Keep these common signs in mind and be sure to tend to any of them should they arise. And of course, always include your brake fluid in your regular engine fluid checklist. If you aren’t sure which is the right brake fluid for your vehicle, speak with Bill Rigdon AMSOIL Dealer at (503) 329-9004 or check out the online store for further information or to place an order.

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