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This article has some great information to help you learn about how a dirt bike engine works and how a synthetic oil change in Clackamas, OR can keep you off-road for longer.

When the time came to own your first car, your parents likely gave you a number of basic engine maintenance tips to use to help keep your vehicle running for as long as possible. These were tips like ensuring that the radiator was always topped up with fluid or water and that you always checked the level of your engine oil amongst your other fluids.

What Are the Benefits of a Synthetic Oil Change in Clackamas, OR?

And while these were great tips which undoubtedly kept your vehicle running well, when it comes making the switch to a dirt bike, there isn’t much which can transfer over, except, of course, the tip about your engine oil. However, in the case of a dirt bike, it’s even more important. Bill Rigdon has some information below for further information.

You Can Hear the Difference in the Engine Speed

Stop and take a couple of seconds to think about the last time you drove your car. Was it a short drive to collect from forgotten grocery items? Maybe you dropped your kids off at their after-school errands and completed a few of your own? You may have even taken the whole family on a great road trip getaway for the weekend. Whatever it was, can you remember hearing your engine make much noise if any at all? The reason isn’t that it isn’t working, it’s because it’s working remarkably efficiently. For example, with numerous gears to choose from matched with a generally cruisy driving style, your car’s engine isn’t really put under much stress. However, if you think back to the last time that you heard a dirt bike being ridden around a track or even through a forest then it’s likely your memory is very different; A very noisy one. The reason isn’t that the engine can’t keep up with the rider, it’s simply that to accomplish the task it has to go through a lot of stress. When riding a dirt bike, slow starts from the traffic lights and lots of gears to choose from as you make long drives are replaced with the immediate need for torque and acceleration along with a limited selection of gears to utilize. As you can imagine, this causes a significant amount of stress on the engine. Click here to buy AMSOIL  20W-50 Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil to help keep your dirt bike's engine working at top performance. If you aren't sure if this is the right product for your dirt bike, speak with an expert at Bill Rigdon by calling (503) 329-9004 or check out the online store with additional information about the range of high-quality AMSOIL engine lubricants available.

What Happens When You Ride?

As soon as your engine is switched on, tiny and large metal parts leap into action. The harder your engine works, the faster these parts interact, leading to engine wear caused by high levels of friction. So what Does the Engine Use to Manage the Stress and Friction? The simple answer is engine fluid. The correct answer is synthetic oil by way of a quick and simple synthetic oil change at home.

What’s the Difference?

When a dirt bike rider uses traditional oil in their engine, the speed of operation mixed with the need for constant performance causes the engine lubricant to wear out, very quickly. Unfortunately, before it is often noticed it has caused engine wear and preventable damage. However, synthetic oil has been proposed designed to protect each of your dirt bike engine parts from friction, thus reducing the level of engine wear and damage that your engine sees. Of course, this is all in addition to the constant power level you can expect while riding.

Keep Your Dirt Bike out of the Mud with a Synthetic Oil Change in Clackamas, OR

When it comes to owning a dirt bike, there is no denying that there is more self-maintenance involved than with owning a car. However, any rider will tell you that the trouble is worth it. Especially when a bike gets so many benefits from a synthetic oil change in Clackamas, OR. Speak with Bill Rigdon today by calling (503) 329-9004 to find out how a synthetic oil change in Clackamas, OR can boost the performance of your engine and keep your dirt bike running better and for longer.

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