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AMSOIL Ea Heavy Duty Oil Filters

Ea Heavy Duty Oil Filter

Absolute Efficiency

Efficiency refers to a filter's ability to trap wear-causing contaminants and prevent them from circulating throughout the engine. Ea Heavy-Duty Extended-Life Oil Filters are engineered using full-synthetic media that provides a filtering efficiency of 98.7 percent at 20 microns in accordance with industry standard ISO 4548-12, ranking them among the most efficient available for heavy-duty applications. Increased efficiency helps reduce wear for long engine life. Reference AMSOIL Heavy-Duty Bypass Systems for even more contaminant-removing 

Less Restriction

Ea Heavy-Duty Oil Filters have lower restriction than conventional cellulose media filters. Their small synthetic fibers trap smaller particles and hold more contaminants, while providing better flow than cellulose media. During cold-temperature warm-up periods, an Ea Heavy-Duty Oil Filter allows the oil to flow through the filter more easily than a typical cellulose filter. Lower restriction helps circulate oil more quickly, promoting long engine life.

Contaminant Capacity

A filter's capacity refers to the amount of contaminants it can hold and still remain operational. AMSOIL Ea Heavy-Duty Oil Filters have a high holding capacity for wear-causing contaminants.
  • Increased efficiency compared to cellulose filters for maximum wear protection
  • Extended service intervals increase convenience and reduce maintenance
  • Full-synthetic media

Here's what our customers say about us

I've been using Amsoil for almost 20 years and I am very satisfied with the oil and filters. Of course, I'll continue using Amsoil products and also I'll recommend them to my friends


Betty Olsen
Amsoil Dealership
In recent months I have been using Amsoil because other products did not meet my needs or were of very low quality, with Amsoil, in a short time I have obtained incredible results!


Ray Thomson
Oil Shop Owner
If you want great results the Ea Heavy Duty oil filter is everything you need! Don't need to look anywhere else, the right product is in front of you. 


Edward Patrickson
Amsoil User
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